A tech enthusiast who loves spending most of his time developing / contributing to amazing projects. Now, with over 2 years of developing experience I have worked on several projects, most of them being available at GitHub. In terms of hobbies, I really like educating/awaring students like me about tech I learn by attending Meetups, events or even reading amazing articles on Medium.

HACKATHONS! its like my thing. I really like participating in hackathons. I believe, it is the best place to get creative and get rewarded for it. Till now, I have attended 2 hackathons and the experience has been pretty amazing. I was able to contribute in unique and award-winning projects, get engaged with so many talanted and creative students and yes, some mentors as well with whom I am still in touch with.

Want to know more, Please feel free to reach out to me


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Emaily- collecting survey made easy

Developed a Survey application for smaller businesses who have less resources to create their own. Upon registering on the website, user will be able to send emails to their customers to provide a feedback. The result from the feedback will displayed on the dashboard.

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React Todo

Worked on developing a clean Todo application using React and Redux. User has the ability to check-off and on the items or tasks completed as well see the time it was completed.

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Mini BookStore

Created a BookStore which displays a list of books and details of a specific book. It uses a combination of React and Redux along with Bootstrap. Planning to improve the application by adding the Google Books API and a library- Shuffle.js to add tags helping create a specific genre with it.

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Timer and Countdown Application

Developed a Timer and Countdown application. Implemented Mocha.js with React and Redux for testing all the react components Created an analog clock component and used it in Timer as well as for Countdown tabs


Tech and Networking events are always great to attend especially if you live in a city where tech industry is sky-rocketting. Well, I really like to free myself travelling downtown attending tech events hosted by amazing and talented professionals.
So far, I have been to nearly 50 tech and networking events with popular ones being-
Google Annual Developer Fest, Amazon's AWSome Day, Microsoft Global Azure Bootcamp, Hackernest and many more related to machine learning and AI, related to React, React-Native, Docker and Kubernetes.

The objective for me to attend so many events is to get connected, get socialize, be an active part of amazing conversations and of course learn more about the booming technologies.